The general tip for writing a blog is to revise your article at least three times. I have made the choice to not revise it even once.

The goal of my blog is to write better. What’s a better way to learn than from your own mistakes. So I will rethink my revisioning strategy and will probably change some articles here and there.

No that I’ve written about 60 posts. I haven’t really noticed that my writing has improved. So I’ll just hang in there and write up at least another 60 posts.

That practice makes perfect is even more obvious with famous youtube channels and vloggers in general. If you go to a channel from a vlogger you like and scroll all the way to the first couple of videos you can totally see the difference. This is more noticable with vloggers because nobody revises a vlog.

Hopefully I will scroll back to this part someday and see how far I’ve come.


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